SASUGA is famous for “十割‐JUWARI” SOBA.
JUWARI means “pure” or “unadulterated”.
Generally speaking, when Japanese sobashops
make soba(buckwheat)noodles,
they use a pasta machine.
If not using the machine,
they mix some wheat flour or eggs
or seaweed with buckwheat flour.
But we don’t use any machines,
and never use some wheat or others.
Only buckwheat job--it’s very difficult
and time-consuming.
But it’s very charming, sweet smelling, and tasty.

Main Dish SOBA MENU (price excluding tax)

Cold buckwheat noodles with some sauce

・ざるそば Zaru soba (zaru’s meaning:bamboo case) \1,000
 It’s very simple and standard soba served with some soy-based dipping sauce.

・てんざるそば Tenzaru soba (tenzaru’s meaning :soba and tempura) \2,900
 Zaru soba with sakuraebi(=little shrimps) tempura.

・くろびきそば Kurobiki soba (kurobiki’s meaning:brownish noodles) \1,500
 This soba flour is ground with some husks of buckwheat, so the color is a little brownish or blackish.

・かもねぎそば Kamonegi soba (kamonegi’s meaning: duck and welsh onion) \1,800
 It’s served with duck dipping sauce. The noodles is cold,but the sauce is hot (not cold).

・ひやかけそば Hiyakake soba /Cold noodles in a lot of chilled light soup. \1,000

・ごまそば Goma soba /It’s served with a sesame-based dipping sauce. \1,300

・おろしそば Oroshi soba /Cold noodles with some grated radish in chilled soup. \1,300

・あげはなそば Agehana soba (Only summer season) \1,700
 This soba has many toppings―egg,sliced cucumbers,some seaweed etc.

Hot noodles served in a lot of hot and lightly seasoned soup

・かけそば Kake soba /Plain hot soba in a lot of hot soup. \1,000

・てんぷらそば Tempura soba /Kake soba with little shrimps tempura. \2,900
                      /Kake soba with vegetables tempura. \2,600

・かもなんそば Kamonan soba /It’s served in a lot of hot duck soup. \2,000

Download SobaMenu (pdf)

We serve some hot and cloudy water in a china pot with a dipping type soba.
This is SOBAYU—in which soba was boiled. It’s very nutritious, so after you finish eating soba, please pour this water into the sauce cup, and drink it with the left sauce.

Course menu (price excluding tax)

Sasuga dinner course

Lunch course
 (1)Appetizer, noodles and Dessert. \2,800
 (2)Hot noodles,Shrimp tempura,Cold noodles and Dessert. \3,500

Sasuga dinner course \8,000
 Hot noodles, Cold noodles,Japanese omelet, Shrimp tempura, and Chef’s special.

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Appetizers and Special dish (price excluding tax)

そばみそ Sobamiso
そばみそ Sobamiso \500
Soybean paste with many roasted buckwheat seeds

やきみそ Yakimiso
やきみそ Yakimiso \800
Grilled miso(soybean paste) with many roasted buckwheat seeds

わさびづけ Wasabizuke
わさびづけ Wasabizuke \500
Wasabi pickles, Japanese sake flavor

わさびのり Wasabinori
わさびのり Wasabinori \500
Wasabi and seaweed paste

わさびのり Wasabinori
いたわさ Itawasa \800
Kamaboko(steamed fish paste)with wasabi

そばがき Sobagaki
そばがき Sobagaki \1,000
Soft soba dumpling with soy sauce

そばがき あげだし Sobagaki Agedashi
そばがき あげだし Sobagaki Agedashi \1,500
Fried soba dumpling in a hot soup

だしまき Dashimaki \1,000
Japanese omelet in SASUGA style

なまゆば Namayuba
なまゆば Namayuba \1,000
Special made soft TOFU(soybean curd) with soy sauce

かもロース Kamo rosu
かもロース Kamo rosu \2,000
Roasted and steamed duck in Japanese style

いりどり Iridori \1,400
Roasted special chicken in SASUGA style

にしんのうまに Nishin umani
にしんのうまに Nishin umani \1,700
Cooked herring

さくらえびのてんぷら Sakuraebi tempura
さくらえびのてんぷら Sakuraebi tempura \1,900
Tempura of some very little shrimps named “cherry blossoms”

やさいのてんぷら Yasai tempura \1,600
Mixed tempura of vegetables and mashrooms

サラダ Sasuga green salad \1,100

そばサラダSoba noodles salad
そばサラダ Soba noodles salad \1,200

Download A la carte-1 (pdf)

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Menu of the day (price excluding tax)

・さしみ Sashimi /Sliced raw fish. Daily menu \1,100~
・つけもの Tsukemono /Japanese pickles \600~
・にもの nimono /Vegetable stew or Beef stew in SASUGA style \1,200~

Download Menu of the day Drink and Sweets (pdf)

…… Others

Sweets (price excluding tax)

・Sobagaki cake with sweet bean paste \800
・Today's ice cream \600

Drink menu (price excluding tax)

wineJapanese sake
・Glass beer \800
・Japanese sake/hot or cold \1,000~\2,600
・Glass wine/red or white \900
・Glass champagne \1,300
・Bottled wine,Bottled champagne/Please see a wine list